Welcome to Lyons-Tech.com!

Lyons-Tech is small business that offers a wide variety of IT related services from basic PC care all the way up to professional IT solutions.

What kind of services do we provide?

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[PC Repair & Upgrades]

Having issues with your personal computer or comercial system? Want to upgrade? From virus removal to hardware issues or upgrades, Lyons-Tech has you covered. We are extremely familiar with both personal computer systems AND comercial server equipment, with expertise in nearly all operating system types. We want to help - Call our number for more information!

[Custom Computer System Builds]

Tired of your current computer and thinking of getting a new one? Lyons-Tech offers custom, high quality computer builds tailored for each individual and their specific needs at costs within your budget. We also build systems used for comercial applications!

[Technical Support]

At Lyons-Tech, we are happy to provide customers with technical assistance with their computer systems or devices by PHONE or EMAIL. If you're a business owner and need reliable LONG-TERM technical assistance, we offer 24/7 tech support packages at VERY affordable rates. Please check out theTECH SUPPORT page to see all the ways you can make contact with us.


Are you a current or future business owner that is confused about what type of comercial systems and services you might need? Lyons-Tech has your back! We are always happy to consult with clients to help them decide exactly what they will need for what they want accomplished.

[Web Hosting]

Looking for a new place to host your current website or data? No problem! We provide reliable MAINTAINED hosting to fit all your needs. If you have other daemons, such as an email server, game server, or anything like that, we'll host that stuff, too! For more information, please call us or visit our CONTACT page.

[Web design/Custom software design]

Looking to expand your current business to the internet, but want a CUSTOM website made just for you instead of some auto generated garbage? Or maybe you're looking for something more advanced, such as software hand buit and customized to perform tasks that are completely specific to an aspect of your business? Regardless, Lyons-Tech is dedicated to our work, and won't stop until you are happy with what you get. Our pricing is and will always be competitive and affordable. NOTICE: THIS WEBSITE WAS INTENTIONALLY MADE AS SIMPLE AS POSSIBLE AND DOES NOT SERVE AS AN EXAMPLE OF OUR WEB-DESIGN WORK. FOR REAL EXAMPLES OF OUR WORK, CONTACT US.